About QJ

Hello there, I’m Qi Jian. (You can call me QJ too.) Thanks for visiting!

I’m a recent graduate, and I watch a copious amount of TV. I love watching TV, thinking about it and figuring out what worked or what did not work about it. This blog is a place where I can discuss TV and in the process think a little deeper about what I have watched.

I believe there’s always room for critical, insightful thoughts about the TV shows that we all consume. The television show is becoming a powerful storytelling medium, and I for one see it as a worthy alternative to the feature film. The best TV combines both art and entertainment, and both of these activities incite reactions from people. I do my best to chronicle my reactions on this site.

I will publish my thoughts about the TV shows I keep up with, most of which fall into two broad categories: seasonal reviews, and loose thoughts. Along the way, I may introduce several niche categories based on topical relevance (“Emmys 2015”, for example) or purely for my interest (“3 Special Episodes”).

I hope you find my thoughts useful in some way, and I welcome any feedback or comments. As you can tell, I love talking about TV and I’ll love to have a discussion.

Qi Jian
qjer.net / qijian@qjer.net

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